Rocker? Yes.

Shredder? Definitely.

Hall of Famer? In the works. 

Pop Hooked, Lyrically Cooked, Floor swaying, guitar groovin', Rock with a melodic Pop. With influences as varied as the Beatles, Elvis Presley & Costello, Led Zeppelin and Peter Gabriel, The Booch Band brings lyrically complex music imbibed with heavy grooves to a new generation.


The Chicago-based aural outfit is known for capturing the audience with strong hooks that even new fans find themselves snagged and singing the lines over and over in their heads. However, despite their high octane music, they offer a down to earth vibe. Every audience member feels like they are with the guys next door through the band's smiles and stage banter.


The Booch Band has taken on a series of incarnations through leader Leroy Bocchieri including "Leroy", and "Day One" but has now crystalized to the name Booch Band.(A long-time nickname from his Elmhurst College Days) In fact, Leroy's midwestern upbringing is what has inspired the band's down home feel. A Chicago native, he began playing music because it's what he remembers most listening to as a child. (BTW: First instrument was accordion!)


Endlessly playing The Beatles "Hard Day's Night" 33 1/3 on his father's Grundig-Majestic Hi-Fi and repeating "I Want to Hold Your Hand" caused him to pick up a guitar and sing. But, as with all new things, it wasn't an instant shred session. He had to fight his way through blistered fingers, bad notes, a Silvertone guitar from Sears, and parents screaming at him, "Turn that down, I'm trying to watch the Ed Sullivan Show!" (The Glen Campbell Show was on too)


He especially remembers when he was first learning to play "Smoke on the Water." Despite looking at his hands and trying to get them to cooperate on the frets, they rebelled. But it felt great!


And this is the appeal of both Booch Band and Leroy. Fans understand nothing was handed to Leroy. He is an everyday guy playing with an everyday band. Everyday people making extraordinary music.